Kids (for kids 13 and under.):

1.1 mile course through the woods. Obstacles include sand bag carry, tire hop, balance beam, and scale a wall. Volunteers will be at each obstacle to assist those that need help getting through the events.

Kids will need parental consent the day of the race to participate.

Sign up Today! Spots are limited to the first 50 kids to sign up!


2.4 mile course, part of the course will repeat itself so you get to do some obstacles/events twice. Obstacles/Events include human wheelbarrow, farmers carry, log flip & carry, burpee/wall jump (with object), balance beam over water and army crawl.

Spots are limited to the first 50 teams. Sign up to ensure your spot!


Must carry a weighted sandbag for the entire course! Penalty for dropping the bag unless in a designated 'drop zone' (penalty will be announced the day of the event). Standards for events/obstacles will be enforced by a 'judge' at each station. Since the sandbag must be carried at all times it is up to the teams to decide the best strategy to get through the obstacles. Partners can switch carrying the sandbag at any time during the course and as many times as they desire. Your obstacles will be color coded and separate from the non-competitors. Only one team member has to carry the sandbag


you have the option to carry a sandbag (half the weight of the competitors). Each obstacle has standards and we encourage you to adhere to those to the best of your abilities. Should you find an obstacle to difficult or unsafe for you to accomplish you may bypass that obstacle and move onto the next one. However, you will have to do a 'penalty' in order to pass. Penalty will be announced the day of the race. Your obstacles will be color coded and separate from the competitors.


Check back weekly for new events posted.

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For kids 13 and under.

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Timber Dash


Since the course will include both competitors and non-competitors racing at the same time it is asked that both groups be respectful of each other at all times. Please remember to be respectful of those who are here for fun and those that are here to be competitive. While on the trail, if someone is behind you and looking to pass please allow them to do so. We will discuss further issues prior to the race.

For refunds please contact the gym. Refunds are at the owner's sole discretion.