Total Body Fitness is proud to be the home of 12 North CrossFit. Established in 2014, 12 North CrossFit was born from a desire to make sure that TBF was not just another gym- but a true health and fitness destination. By being a legitimate, certified and sanctioned "box" and hiring professional educated CrossFit coaches, TBF was able to offer one of the hottest workout treands in the world, right here in Barneveld. What is CrossFit? Who should take the classes? Will I get hurt? Do I need to "compete"? These are all great questions. Please keep reading for more info.


A high-intensity fitness program incorporating elements from several sports and types of exercise. The program encompasses functional movements varied each and every class. Our certified instructors are here every class to not only show you how to correctly perform the movements, but to provide a level of encouragement and structure to keep you progressing.

This community based atmosphere is ideal for accountability and introduces 'fun' to the fitness regimen. Whether you are competitive or just want a top-notch workout routine, CrossFit is the class for you. How do you get started? Its easy, you can come try a Saturday group class or schedule in advance a session during the week. Once you decide to join, every member takes a Fundamental Class. This is a 3 day class, separate from the regular schedule, that evaluates your level of fitness and introduces you to some movement techniques of the program. Once you complete this course you are ready to start your fitness journey!

Oh and lastly, do not be intimidated by what you hear. CrossFit is for EVERYBODY. You don't have to be fit to do CrossFit, you get fit by doing CrossFit!!

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