Renovations Begin


You’ve probably already noticed some things happening around the club.  But in an effort to improve our communication with everyone, we wanted to provide an update as to what is taking place, when it is taking place and how it may impact your visits.

PHASE 1: Right now, the spinning room is being renovated.  All new lighting, paint, sound system and bikes to be installed.  The flooring will be replaced soon.  Our timeline for completion is about 2 weeks.  In the interim, there will be an old Spin bike or 2 on the main cardio floor for use as you wish.  If you are interested in purchasing one of the old Spin bikes, please see Bryan.

The main entranceway, offices, reception area and Physical Therapy areas have also begun to be painted.  While we will make our best effort not to interrupt your routine, we do appreciate your support and patience while we tackle this project.  Please note that we will do our best to minimize the fumes and smell from the paint, but please be aware that you may smell an odor during your visit.

Finally, the Group Fitness Studio will also be cleaned, painted, refinished and organized to get as many people as possible in each class and to offer more open space and updated equipment and classes.  Our new class schedule will be out soon and will start in September.  Keep checking back for the release date and any special announcements that you won’t want to miss!

Last but not least, the tile floors in the main entranceway and the locker rooms will be scrubbed and refinished.  Some of the main carpet areas will be shampooed as well.

PHASE 2: This will include the painting of the entire main gym/fitness area and will be quite the undertaking.  Also, we hope to replace some of the flooring in the cardio area and replace all of the cardio equipment as soon as possible.

The empty room that has been a “CrossFit overflow” room will now be converted into a Specialized Group Training center!  Just wait until you see what we will be doing in there– you will want to be a part of that for sure!  Paint, flooring, programming, new training toys…Lookout!

A slight remodel of the 12 North CrossFit colors and training room will round out this Phase and bring a fresh new look and feel to the WODs.

PHASE 3: This is some time off on our timeline, but a complete flooring replacement in the main gym and all other areas in addition to replacing older, outdated strength equipment, freeweights, etc.  We hope to create a nice open, effective training space with some of the best that the fitness industry has to offer.

These changes won’t happen overnight – but now you know what’s in store for you new TBF!  If you have any questions or concerns, please see our new GM Tim or email him at tim@tbf12.com